100% electric vehicle

The start of a long distance relationship

Hit the pedal and you’re off and running. The e-Golf is responsive, agile and fun to drive. We put the e-Golf to the challenge with our friends at the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA), to see how far we could drive in real-world conditions. The results are in: with two people in the vehicle, normal road conditions and air-conditioning on, the e-Golf managed to drive from Auckland CBD to Tokoroa - an impressive distance of 220km.

The hatch that suits every lifestyle

It's electrifying! The e-Golf has much to offer

Driving Experience

The surge of power you get when you put your foot down in an e-Golf has to be felt to be believed. The electric motor provides instant torque and a very smooth power delivery due to the stepless gearbox.


From 0 to wow! in 4.2 seconds

Driving an electric motor makes sense. It's fun too. You can take the e-Golf from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.6 seconds, and from 0 to 60 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. 

100 kW performance, 290 Nm torque and the seamless 1-speed gearbox ensures a real wow effect from the first revolution to the top speed of 150 km/h. 

At the same time, you can brake to increase your e-Golf’s range. There’s nothing to lose by braking. On the contrary: in the e-Golf, who brakes wins – and energy is the prize.


Short or long, it’s up to you

How you use the range of a maximum of 220 km* (AA tested). Using two adjustable driving profiles which you can use to control the range, acceleration and top speed of your e-Golf.

ECO+, a particularly energy-saving mode, is the easiest way to achieve the maximum reach, while the normal ECO mode is ideal if you are more interested in agility.  In both profiles, higher speeds are possible at the relevant charge level – when overtaking, for instance, and in brief spurts. 

*Based on travelling with two passengers, air conditioning on, e-Golf in "Normal" drive mode from Auckland to Tokoroa.

Charging your e-Golf

Charging times for your e-Golf

Approx. charging times:

- Using a trickle charger 1.8kW (0-100%) - 21 hours
- Using a wall box AC 3.6kW (0-100%) - 11 hours
- Using a fast charging DC 40kW (0-80%) 45 minutes


Makes sense, not noise. The e-Golf

If you opt for the e-Golf, you can get around your local area emission-free and contribute to sustainable reduction of CO₂ emissions – above all, because you're driving on electricity from renewable sources. At 100 km the e-Golf needs on average just 14.1 kWh (17 in) - 13.2 kWh (16 in). And what’s more: the quiet yet powerful electric motor generates virtually no noise emissions. Less is more. In this case: less noise means more clean air.


Stable handling and an exceptionally steady ride are an inherent advantage of the batteries' low-down location in the vehicle. Its power steering gives a smooth response and it feels almost as agile as a normal Golf.

Front Assist

A moment of shock? Not in your e-Golf

The standard Front Assist emergency brake assist with Pedestrian Monitoring can warn you in the event of critical situations, support you with braking or even automatically apply the brake in an emergency.

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control

Lots of traffic? No stress

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control is now standard on the e-Golf. It lets you set the speed you want to travel and the gap you want to allow between you and the car in front. In doing so, it makes life easier for the driver, while reducing the risk of exceeding the speed limit.

Blind Spot Monitor

Your e-Golf: always looking out for you

The Blind Spot Monitor warns you about vehicles in your blind spot using an LED indicator in the exterior mirror. And if you still attempt to change lanes despite the warning, it starts to flash to attract more attention. The integrated Rear Traffic Alert warn you if any vehicles start to approach when you are reversing out of a parking space. If you fail to respond to its warning, the system can 'prevent' a collision by applying the brake.

Traffic Jam Assist

Stuck in traffic again? Your e-Golf can help

Thanks to ACC and the lane keeping assist function, the Traffic Jam Assist system can automatically follow the vehicle in front and stick to the same lane in stop-and-go traffic. This transforms frustration into relaxation.

Driving Modes

The e-Golf offers four unique levels of regenerative braking that the driver can choose to control the rate of battery recharge. This is helpful in slow-moving traffic helping to extend the tange and enhance efficiency. Additionally, three different driving modes are offered which tailor the characteristics of the drivetrain to suit the driver - Normal, Eco and Eco +.

Active Info Display

See the information you want to see

Classic speedometer or high-resolution navigation map? Or why not both? The Active Info Display makes this a reality. You can also access various information profiles, where you can find out even more driving data, as well as the classic displays such as the speedometer, rev counter and mileage recorder. This is quick and intuitive with the optional multifunction steering wheel. 

  • High-resolution 31 cm (12.3 in) TFT colour display

  • Different views available 

  • Visual display of various driver assist systems


High tech is a no-brainer

The e-Golf's Discover Pro infotainment system features a massive 9.2" touchscreen with gesture control, voice control and App-Connect. Also in the infotainment system is satellite navigation, meaning you will never be lost again.


Use your apps in your Volkswagen as well

The apps from your phone in your car

Access your smartphone’s screen, selected apps, maps, and music through App-Connect on your car's touchscreen. You can do this thanks to three innovative technologies: Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™ and MirrorLink® interfaces. The App-Connect allows you to conveniently use selected apps and content right in your Volkswagen, that is easier than ever. 


Convenience is key

Searching for your keys are now a thing of the past. You can start your e-Golf at the press of the starter button, while leaving your keys in your bag. Proximity sensors detect your key within 1.5m of the car, meaning  it can automatically unlock as you pull the door handle.


Features of e-Golf


  • 100% electric vehicle

  • An impressive distance of 220km

  • Three different driving modes: Normal, Eco, Eco+

  • 12.3" Active Info Display

  • App Connect and Volkswagen Media Control

  • Air Care Climatronic two-zone air conditioning system with allergen filter

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